Web solution with real time alerts

The real value of an alert is to let you know what is important for you, depending on the type of fleet you have. You will know in real time:

  • when a successful delivery was made to a client
  • when and where refueling was made and by each vehicle
  • when and where a truck or a tipper was unloaded
  • when equipment is leaving the construction site
  • when someone is overspeeding
  • when vehicles are idling, or stationary for too long

You reduce the fuel consumption and you check all the fuel buying

Because the cost of fuel represents for most companies a high percentage of its total cost per kilometer, MultiFleet can help you check via a few parameters which can reduce the costs in this area:

  • counting the kilometers from personal journeys, made by the employees
  • set up the optimal and the most efficient routes
  • alerts and ratings about the driving style of every driver
  • checking the refuel operations and compare it with the receipts from gas stations
  • be alerted in case of a sudden drop of fuel levels and changes in consumption

Detailed analysis of costs

The costs may be highlighted collectively or separately for each vehicle in the fleet, using MultiFleet app.

You can see, from a simple analysis, what model is the most suitable vehicle for your fleet, economically speaking.

The fuel, insurances, maintenance, depreciation and other miscellaneous expenses which are related to fleet are centralized and can be found ordered by cost centers.

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