‘I have no complaints as far as Auto3Pā€™s services are concerned’
MultiFleet implementation was done starting with April 2012, and offering the management solution for approximately 400 vehicles.

‘With regards to the service I have nothing to reproach, I appreciate the design part of the application, the easy way to access, the working papers of the application and the technical support.

With the implementation of this system, we where able to reduce fuel expenses and penalties related with extra kilometers. Data from GPS devices have helped us to clearly determine work performed routes Vs. those made for personal purposes.

I also appreciate the fact that with the ability to monitor vehicle speed, we diminishes the risk of accidents. The alerts module notifies me constantly with the validity of any important documents such as driving licenses.’

Iulian Tuica ā€“ Fleet Manager

La Fantana Group

“Even from the first month, La Fantana Group has noticed a total pay off from their initial investment in GPS equipment”
Optimizing our routes has allowed us to serve our clients in a shorter amount of time. Not least the fuel economy meant less emissions.

The efficiency of the investment in GPS equipment and the implementation of MultiFleet was seen from the first month. We’ve measured the number of traveled kilometers/water bottle. Thus, if a bottle of water was initially transported in 0.7 – 0.8 Km, after mounting the GPS, distance decreased to 0.5 Km.

MultiFleet implementation was done quickly without affecting everyday business. I appreciated in particular, the features and the functionality of the solution. For example thru mobile phone application, we receive information that helps us constantly improve our drivers’ behavior in traffic.

Iarca Marius ā€“ Director IT


‘I recommend MultiFleet, also to other fleet managers, due to a very good ratio between quality and price!’
In the month of April 2014 we’ve made a selection of offers and I chose the best one, depending on our specified criteria: financial, technical and operational.

From the first month fuel costs decreased , taking into account the number of personal kilometers, which also decreased substantially.

I recommend it also to other fleet managers due to a very good ratio between quality and price, but also for the quality after-sale support. ”

Mihai Lisman ā€“ Purchasing Manager

Star Storage

‘MultiFleet is a comprehensive application, that alerts me when certain documents are due to expire.’
Star Storage is the leader in the field of solutions for archiving data and documents with a presence of 15 years in Romania.

‘I chose MultiFleet because it provides me a clear picture of events, data and documents that need attention: CASCO, technical inspection, overhaul, etc.

MultiFleet is an application that helps me through daily reports it generates for our everyday business. Auto3P’s employees always helped me when I needed support or when we have larger our fleet and wanted to install new equipment. The application is well developed, and our collaboration with Auto3P is going very well.’

Ana Iurascu – Fleet Coordinator

Cerealcom Group

‘MultiFleet is very detailed and I can rely on the information provided, at any time. We are very pleased with its functionalities.’
Cerealcom Dolj is one of the most important Romanian agribusiness that integrate values such as performance, partnership and responsibility and Auto3P’s oldest clients.

‘The collaboration between Cerealcom and Auto3P was always effective. Each update of the MultiFleet app helped us more with managing our fleet even better.

Using MultiFleet is beneficial for us, because we can analyze in detail the costs of the fleet, we can also see the routes, we can analyze fuel consumption, and we can discover every detail of driver’s behavior. Thru application, the fleet manager can notice if there was a theft of fuel and when it happen.

MultiFleet is very detailed and I can always rely on its information. We are very excited to existing functionality.’

Ionut Prunoiu – Fleet Manager